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With an extensive range of food packaging machines, cutting-edge technology and food preparation technology(flash and cryogenic freezing currently), Lintyco Pack has become a leading packaging equipment manufacturer which offers flexible solutions for the frozen food industry.

Solutions include premade pouch packaging solutions for frozen fruit and chicken nuggets, vertical bagging for frozen peas and flow wrapping for frozen burritos. Our packaging machines are specifically designed to handle all your frozen food packaging needs.

For businesses offering a diverse product range,Lintyco is the right choice for you .Flexibility in packaging has always been our strength, quick change of products, quick change of sizes, convenient and effective!


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doypack machinery

Rotating Premade Pouch Packing Machine For Frozen Food

Ideal flexible solution for frozen food packaging needs,including shrimp,IQF ,chicken,frech chips,vegetable etc.Normally,food manufacturers use bags like doypack ,zipper doypack ,flat bottom bag and pillow bag.Speed up to 60 per/min,according to product size and shape.

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Fill&Seal Machine For Frozen Food

Servo-driven let VFFS machine integrate with conveyors,weigh checker and Printer easily,Low Price ,High Speed ,even in wet and cold packaging environment. The desigh that easy to wash Stainless steel,As long as your material isn't very sticky.vffs machine is not bad choice. Intelligent Weighing System, Intelligent Transportation System, Intelligent Printing can be used with vffs machine to bring you convenience.


Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine For Frozen Food

Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine, also as a classic solution for frozen food packaging, is also one of the choices.
Flow wrapping is a horizontal packaging process in which products like frozen burritos enters the machinery and is wrapped in clear or printed film. The result is a tightly fitted flexible package with a horizontal back seal and top/bottom vertical seal.Package Up to 290 Bags/Min, the servo Intelligent control, run with low noise .If you want to customize for your product,it will be your good choice.

Ultimate FAQ Guide

Frozen food packaging machines are designed to handle the unique challenges of packaging food products meant for freezing. The machines are built to withstand low temperatures and ensure the products’ freshness and quality are maintained.

Choosing the right machine for your frozen food packaging needs involves several considerations:

Type of Machine: The type of products you’re packaging will determine the kind of machine you need. For example, premade pouch packaging solutions for frozen fruit and chicken nuggets, vertical bagging for frozen peas and flow wrapping for frozen burritos,while cartoning machines are better suited for boxed products.
Speed and Efficiency: The machine’s speed and efficiency should align with your production volume.For example ,product material is chips,if you have premade bag ,you can choose premade bag packing machine ,in the other words,you can choose VFFS bagger.
Quality and Durability: Lintyco ‘s Opt for a machine that is durable and built to withstand the harsh conditions of frozen food packaging.Normally the machine can work 10 years,our warrent time is one year.
Ease of Use and Maintenance: Lintyco machine including hffs bagger ,vffs bagger,premade pouch bagger, is user-friendly and easy to maintain to ensure longevity and optimal performance through our maintain sheet.

Here is a brief overview of how frozen food packing machines work:

  1. Frozen food packing machines are used to package and seal frozen meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables and other frozen food products.
  2. The food items are first loaded onto lightweight plastic trays or containers. This can be done manually or using automatic feed systems.
  3. The tray with food is then placed on the machine’s infeed conveyor. Photoelectric sensors detect the placement of the tray.
  4. A top film web made of materials like polyester, PVC or polyethylene is drawn down over the open tray by rollers or vacuum pulls.
  5. Heat seals or infrared welding then seal the edges of the film tightly to the tray rim, making an airtight seal around the food.
  6. Optional lid sealing presses and seals pre-cut lids onto trays to fully enclose the food package.
  7. Date coding, barcoding or labeling may be applied to the package surface on high-speed machines.
  8. Packaged trays exit the machine on an outfeed conveyor for freezing or distribution in frozen form.
  9. Modern machines can package over 50 trays per minute, providing high output for food processors and packers.

So in summary, frozen food packing machines quickly form, seal and optionally lid food packages using continuous film rolls or pre-formed trays on an automated conveyorized system.

Proper packaging plays a vital role in extending the shelf life of frozen products. Using high-quality packaging materials and ensuring airtight sealing can significantly increase the shelf life.


 1. LDPE (low-density polyethylene) freshness bags: these bags have good low-temperature resistance, suitable for refrigeration and freezing, and can effectively maintain the freshness and quality of food

  2. PP (polypropylene) food preservation bags: these bags have good sealing and low-temperature resistance, will not be hardened and easy to rupture due to low temperature, suitable for refrigeration, freezing and cooking.

  3. Food grade PA / PE double composite bag: this bag is made of PA (nylon) and PE (polyethylene) two materials for composite and become, good low temperature resistance, anti-penetration performance, suitable for liquid, semi-liquid and other food products that need to be sealed and preserved.

  It should be noted that frozen food to avoid the use of other plastic bags that are not suitable for freezing, such as ordinary single-layer plastic bags, because the material is easy to harden, easy to rupture, and is not suitable for use in low-temperature environments.

The frozen food industry has seen a surge in demand due to convenience and longer shelf life. However, the packaging of frozen food presents unique challenges. Especially rising premade meals industry,frozen technology is important than ever be.
Frozen food packaging equipment is an invaluable asset in the frozen food industry. These machines not only ensure the quality and freshness of the products but also enhance efficiency.

Streamlining packaging processes through automation can significantly boost efficiency. Machines such as flow wrappers and cartoning systems have the ability to expedite packaging workflows, saving valuable time and reducing labor expenditures. Compared to manual packaging methods, such automated machinery is capable of performing packaging functions at a higher frequency and with more consistency. Not only do they elevate production capacity for packaging, but they also unlock greater profit potential. In short, employing modern equipment to automate repetitive packaging tasks in an automated fashion brings worthwhile cost benefits and productivity gains for businesses through freing up resources and increasing output.

Freezer burn occurs when frozen food is exposed to air, leading to dehydration and oxidation. Vacuum packaging machines can help prevent this by removing air from the packaging, thus preserving the quality and taste of the food.

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