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Lintyco offers customizable packaging solutions tailored for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether your products are dry, sticky, heavy or liquid, we have machinery and integrated systems that can meet your individual needs. Our end-to-end packaging solutions can incorporate conveyors, cartoners, fillers and more, all based on your exact requirements. Lintyco is instrumental in ensuring the success of your products. Our experts work closely with you to convert your most challenging packaging needs into an automated, efficient solution.
Our innovative approach allows us to quickly evaluate your situation and provide equipment that meets industry requirements for filling, sealing, and throughput. Our advanced bagging and pouching machines are designed to overcome the toughest packaging demands. We help you maximize your return on investment by optimizing your packaging operations. Our systems are versatile, flexible, and can be customized and expanded over time to support your business growth.

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Liquid Packaging Machine for Detergent,Yellow Rice Wine,Soy Sauce,Rice Vinegar,Juice,Tomato Paste, Peanut Paste,Fruit Paste,Chilli Sauce , Bean Sauce,Water,Sheep Milk and Cow Milk,etc.

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Powder Packaging Machine for Flavor,MSG,MilkPowder,Glocose,Washing Powder,Raw Chemical Material,WhiteSugar,Pesticides,Fertilizers,Coffee Powder,Spicy Powder,Protein Powder and Flour. ,etc

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Granule Packaging Machine 
for Crystal MSG, Granule medicine, Capsule, Seeds, Raw Chemistry material, Sugar, Chicken essence, Melon seed, Nuts, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Feed,Nuts,Snack,CoffeeBean,Candy,Biscuit,Meat and Pet Food..etc.

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Special Material

Lintyco Packaging Machine supports customization of Special Materials,including Chocolate,Bread,Ready Meal ,Laundry Pods ,Pickle,Cheese slice, Cheese block or shredded cheese and IQF…etc.



Medical and Healthy products include pain relief patches, alcohol tablets, alcohol swabs, pregnancy test strips, LH test strips, disinfectant wipes, medical wipes, bandages, medical gauze, masks, gloves, headwear, blood glucose test strips, urine test strips, cotton balls, syringes, and adhesive bandages.

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Non-food Product

Lintyo offers heavy-duty packaging solutions ideal for non-food products, including hardware, gravel and fertilizers. Our horizontal fill sealers are built to be tough to handle even the most challenging bagging applications.

Need to start preparing your facility for your new packing equipment? It's never too early to start doing this as some steps take weeks to months to complete.

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