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Take your detergent production to the next level with our innovative powder packaging solutions.

Designed for maximum efficiency, our automatic sachet, pouch and bag fill-seal machines deliver precise portions at industry-leading speeds of up to 1000PPM. Small load cells and precise fill valves ensure consistent weights per package to very small tolerances. Small load cells and precise fill valves ensure consistent weights per package to very small tolerances. Machines are used to package items, reducing labor costs and minimizing mistakes caused by humans. The packaging process remains clean and free from contamination. Additionally, dust cleaners can be bought to improve the factory environment. 

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Machine chioce

premade pouch Packing machine

Premade Pouch Detergent Powder Packaging Machine

The Lintyco pre-made pouch packaging machine is the ideal solution to ensure that your premium detergent powder remains fresh and aromatic for longer. The moisture-resistant multi-layered film helps preserve the flavor and quality of your detergent powder, and the convenient custom ziplock opening makes it easy for your customers to access.

vertical form fill seal machine

Detergent Powder VFFS Packing Machine

Compared to traditional pouch packaging machines, VFFS machines Easy to operate, cost-effective, and produce up to 60 bags/min,Cost-effective for high volume production runs.
VFFS machines may not seal sensitive products well if they can be easily deformed, squeezed, change color, get wet, etc. To solve this problem, you have a few options. First, you can try using a different material. Another option is to adjust the pressure and temperature. Lastly, you can also consider using different packaging for delicate items.

Ultimate FAQ Guide

Machines are used to automatically pack powdered detergent into bags or pouches. They can use plastic, paper, or woven bags.

Features: adjustable weight controls, works with different packaging sizes and bag materials, handles various detergent types, and has automated loading systems.

Detergent powder filling systems have transformed the packaging process for detergent manufacturers, increasing productivity, accuracy, and cost savings.

The key components of an automatic detergent powder packaging machine include:

  • Hopper – Stores bulk detergent powder and metered doses to the weighing/packaging system.
  • Weighing and Dosing System – Precisely measures and portions out detergent powder through gravimetric or volumetric methods. Common systems use load cells, dosing pumps, screws, etc.
  • Filling Nozzles – Transfers metered detergent powder into pouches/sachets/bags at high speeds through vibratory, vacuum or gravity fed mechanisms.
  • Film/Material Feed – Reliably supplies packaging substrates like LDPE film, paper, non-woven materials for forming and sealing.
  • Form-Fill-Seal Module – Forms packages from substrates, fills powder, then seals using heat, ultrasonic or adhesive methods to maintain product integrity.
  • End-of-Line Equipment – Includes slitter towers, stackers, cappers, shrink wrappers for secondary packaging and palletizing.
  • Inspection Systems – Checks for quality issues like fill levels, weight accuracy, sealed leaks using cameras, X-rays or checkweighers.
  • Control and HMI – Centrally controls machine functions, monitors production data and enables changeovers.
  • PLC and Servos – Coordinates precise movements of components through programmable automation.
  • Hygienic Design – SS construction, food-grade greases enable easy washdown and sterilization.

Here is a workflow of the detergent powder packaging process steps with more technical details:

1. Washing powder is loaded into the machine’s hopper.
2. Weigh Checker measures the desired weight of detergent powder for each package.The packaging unit precisely apportions constituent ingredients to within ppm tolerances
3. The measured powder is then dispensed into bags or pouches.
4. The packaging is sealed to ensure proper containment and preservation of the detergent powder.
5. The filled and sealed packages are then ready for distribution and sale.

Lintyco focusing more on technical and Your business impacts:

Automated filling solutions optimize detergent manufacturing workflows through high-efficiency powder handling.

Precise gravimetric metering systems achieve fill consistency far exceeding manual capabilities. In-line weighing and back-up verification ensure dosage accuracy to micron tolerances batch-over-batch.

Modular formats accommodate rapid multifaceted changeovers to address dynamic supply chains. Preconfigured format shifting accelerates inventory velocity across diverse SKUs.

Robotic depalletizing and depowdering cells maximize asset utilization through lights-out operation. Integrated quality protocols safeguard standards compliance, precluding costly non-conformances.

Real-time continuity of operations empowered by predictive servicing intervals and remote diagnostics. Digital oversight sustains asset availability above 99.9% through predictive insight.

Actionable packaging data fuels continuous performance enhancement. Hygienic designs eliminating cross-contamination and personnel risks minimize total cost of ownership.

Optimized packaging expedition under rewritten sanitary automation. Strategic suppliers translate evolving consumer needs into flexible, high-speed solutions—future-proofing operations for decades of agile production.

Only through integrated formulation and high-speed fulfillment does one reliably satisfy rising global demand for affordable cleaning products.

Packaging Speed and Capacity
Before you buy a food packaging machine, you need to have some idea of what your product is expected to achieve, for example, if you can do 30 packages a minute manually, you may need more than that to buy a fully automatic packaging machine.
Packaging Options and Flexibility
Your products come in different weights and bag sizes. To accommodate laundry detergent manufacturers, LINTYCO has developed a flexible packing machine that can accommodate multiple sizes and weights. You need to have a range of product weights and a range of bag sizes.
Material Compatibility and Versatility
The materials are varied, and the packaging materials should be as environmentally friendly as possible. The price of the environmentally friendly type is relatively higher, and you have to choose the right one that complies with local health laws.
Advanced Control Systems and Integration
Advanced control systems will help you to improve the accuracy of packaging and reduce the error rate. There are some laundry detergent manufacturers who want to purchase machines to integrate with their existing machines, so be sure to ask if they can match.
Maintenance and Support Services
State-of-the-art machines are modular, easy to maintain and easy to clean. A good packaging machine manufacturer will come out when you need help, LINTYCO supports 24 hours after-sales service, you don’t need to hesitate.

Proper Handling and Storage of Detergent Powder
Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and temperature extremes. Excess heat/moisture can decrease stability.
Quality Control Measures
– In-process Weight Checking – Regular checks ensure accurate dosing and filling of each package.

– Leak/Seal Testing – Tests each pack immediately after sealing to detect any breaches in the seal.

– Volume/Dimensions Checks – Verifies powder fill levels and that package dimensions/weights are within specifications.

– Automated Visual Inspection – Cameras inspect for defects like damaged packaging, missing labels etc.

Quality is maintained through features like weight controls, vision inspection systems, and reject mechanisms to ensure correct filling amount and bag integrity.

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The machines mentioned can handle detergents with different fragrances and additives and offer various bag closure mechanisms. They can package both free-flowing and non-free-flowing detergent powders, with the machine settings adjustable for different powder types. Additionally, the machines can package powders with different colors and properties, offering both top-fill and bottom-fill packaging options. They support concentrated powders and anti-static features to prevent clumping and ensure accurate filling of small packages.

 Integration with other equipment and remote monitoring capabilities are possible depending on the machine.

Most machines can handle a wide range of bag sizes and materials like plastic, paper and woven pouches.

The packaging speed is controlled through settings for the weight dosing, conveyors and filling systems.

Most machines can package detergents with different pH levels and chemical compositions.

Systems like air blowing, vibrations and mechanical sieves are used to break up powder clumps and ensure a smooth filling process.

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