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Lintyco’s engineering team, boasting 20 years of experience, is deeply committed to developing flexible packaging solutions that go beyond just the machinery. We aim to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your packaging needs with our automated systems. Flexible packaging offers a superior alternative to rigid containers, providing benefits in sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and product presentation.

Our packaging machinery is robust, capable of handling diverse applications, and designed for ease of operation and maintenance. We are equipped to assist you in navigating packaging challenges with our vast expertise, offering cost-efficient systems for various processes such as pouch and bag loading, sealing, filling, and other secondary packaging tasks. Our systems are engineered for a user-friendly and seamless automation experience, suitable for packaging products of any quantity. Whether you start with a single machine or integrate multiple units into a complete end-of-line solution, our equipment ensures maximum flexibility, productivity, and cost management. Focus on your core business while our machines handle the packaging complexities. With decades of experience across various industries, we have crafted innovative and intuitive solutions to meet any packaging challenge. Leverage our expertise to achieve your operational objectives with custom-tailored automated flexible packaging technologies that cater to your specific needs.

Our Innovations

Flexible Packaging & Sealing Machines

Pouch Package

spout bag

Spout bag

Side Spout Bag& Middle Spout Bag

PIllow bag

Pillow bag

Stand-up Zipper Bag& Doypack Bag

Doypack zipper bag

Doypack bag

Stand-up Zipper Bag& Doypack Bag

flat bottom bag

Flat bottom bag

Gusset Flat bottom Bag&Back Sealing Bag

Your products deserve customized packaging. Our flexible machines deliver tailored results.

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