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A sauce packaging machine automatically fills and seals ketchup bottles, pouches, or sachets. The sauce is loaded into the machine reservoir, where it is measured in volume or weight. Individual pouches are fed onto a conveyor that moves them under filling spouts. The spouts dispense the correct amount of sauce into each pouch. The pouches are then sealed or stitched closed to keep the product contained. Some machines also use inert nitrogen gas to replace oxygen before sealing to maximize shelf life.

Machines can date code or print product information onto pouches. Some also have additional features such as inline labeling to apply product labels during packaging. Fully automatic pouch packers can fill, seal, and label items at fast speeds. They produce pre-packaged, retail-ready sauces for food service and retail supply.

Automated pouch packaging improves productivity, efficiency, and safety. Strict hygiene controls and hands-free operation are required. Packaging helps preserve quality and guarantees the volume per pack. Automated packing meets demands for supplying huge sauce pouch volumes both locally and globally.

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Machine Choice

premade pouch Packing machine


Lintyco Rotating Premade Pouch Packing Machine is very suitable for filling liquids, and can pack almost all liquids on the market. Its main advantage is that you can use Premade Pouch. Well-designed packaging bags can enhance your brand recognition. Using Spout bags and other styles to pack liquids can greatly enhance the product. Usability, and our packaging speed is one of the fastest on the market.

vertical form fill seal machine


Lintyco VFFS packaging Machine offer a wide varity of application.It can be an excellent choice for packaging certain common fluids, offering a low cost solution that does not compromise quality. This is especially true when it comes to small volume liquid sachet packing, such as cooking oil, shampoo, ketchup, and other similar products.

Ultimate FAQ Guide

A sauce packing machine is an automated packaging equipment used to fill and seal ketchup sauce into various containers like bottles, pouches, jars, etc.

Key features include automated filling, capping/sealing, pouch/bottle feeding, date coding, rejection system, etc.

ketchup packet filling machine typically offer high filling accuracy, usually within 1-3% error. Some advanced machines can achieve upto 0.5% accuracy.

 Common packaging materials include PET, HDPE, PP, laminates, etc. for bottles and pouches. The machine can handle most conventionally used packaging materials.

Some sauce packet filling machine are capable of both hot-fill and cold-fill processes with certain design modifications. But most are optimized for either hot-fill or cold-fill.

Regular maintenance like lubrication, sanitation, parts replacement, etc. are required. Daily checks on filling volumes and sealing quality should also be performed.

 regular maintenance and quality checks are important for liquid pouch filling machines to ensure optimal performance over time. Some key maintenance and quality control aspects include:

  • Lubrication – Moving parts like pumps, conveyors and seals require proper lubrication to reduce friction and prevent premature wear.

  • Sanitation – Cleaning cycles with CIP/SIP systems are needed daily to sanitize surfaces and piping contact liquid.

  • Parts replacement – Check seals, O-rings, filters periodically and replace before leaks occur to maintain hygiene.

  • Calibration – Filling systems need calibration checks daily against volumetric deviations and set target weights/volumes.

  • Sealing quality – Inspect seal strength, gaps and cosmetic appeal on random pouches from production runs.

  • Leak testing – Conduct routine leak tests under pressure on sample pouches to ensure pouch integrity.

  • Documentation – Record each maintenance activity, part changes, calibrations and test results for compliance.

  • Downtime plans – Schedule replacements during approved downtimes to avoid production losses.

Regular quality oversight and preventative maintenance helps liquid pouch packagers run efficiently and produce consistent, high-quality packaged products over the long term.

Ketchup packing machines can fill and seal upto 1500+ bottles or 3000+ pouches per hour depending on the capacity and packaging type. High-speed rotary machines offer much higher outputs.

Sauce packing equipment provide flexibility for different label placements, pack designs, branding, etc. as per customer requirements.

Advanced liquid packing machines can handle sauce with different viscosities and textures. Filling speeds and volumes may need adjustments to suit the product consistency. Simpler machines are best suited for standard ketchups.

Some sauce packing equipment manufacturers offer special models optimized for organic and natural ketchup packaging with dedicated product transfer systems and minimal metallic contact parts.

Most ketchup packing machines have intuitive touchscreen interfaces for easy operation, control and monitoring. Some basic models have manual controls and switches.

Yes, advanced sauce packing machines can package sauces with a wide pH range and different preservatives. Filling parameters may need minor adjustments to suit the sauce requirements. Basic machines have limited flexibility.

Lintyco packing machines have CIP systems for automated cleaning-in-place. Many machines are designed with hygienic and washdown compatible parts for easy disassembly and manual cleaning.

 Yes, food packing machine manufacturers and suppliers offer standard warranties on parts as well as paid service contracts for after-sales support like maintenance, repairs, spare parts, etc.Lintyco offer 1 years warranty.

Yes, sauce filling machines can be customized to meet specific standards like FDA, USDA, CSPIA, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, etc. through configuration of hygiene controls, dedicated product contact parts, compliance testing, and certifications.

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