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HFFS Packing Machine

1. Up to 290 Bag/min 2. With the servo Intelligent control, run with low noise 3.OEM&ODM is allowed 4. Decent time for delivery

How do automatic HFFS Machines work?
doypack packaging machine

Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

1. Up to 80bag/min 2.apply for ready bag such as zipper bags, stand-up bags, doypack, side spout bags...etc. 2. machine covered SS304 and adopt high-quality electronic components. 3. Decent time for delivery

How do automatic Pouch Fill&Seal Machines work?

Frequently Asked Questions

The packaging machine is a collection of mechanical, aesthetic, and practical products. The specific processes include transferring material, filling, bagging, sealing, and coding. A good packaging machine is about high precision and cost-effectiveness. See below for details:

  • We should know the product material type that you want to pack

  • Cost-effectiveness is the first Principle. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice.

  • Try to look for a supplier who has a good reputation and a legitimate business license.

  • Better to have plan to visit the factory and pay more attention to the machine, especially machine detail, machine quality always depends on detail, better do machine test with real sample products.

  • Consider their after-sale services: After-sale services such as technical support, repair, and maintenance are essential to the longevity and productivity of your packaging machines. Make sure the supplier offers these services and has a good reputation for customer support.


  • products type, solid products specific sizes

  • Bag sizes and type with pictures

  • Packing weight

  • Packing speed, capacity

  • Special requirements, such as filling Nitrogen, exhausting, zipper close, date printing

  • Power supply voltage, Frequency

  • Factory workshop, Height limited.

  • Powder —— caking condition, damp, solid mix

  • Liquid —— liquid temperature, paste or liquid, liquid volume, if need filing by twice

If you don’t mind. you can send the sample and we test it on the machine. We will take video and clearer picture for you.lf it is possible we can make video call or video meeting online to showing

The cost of packaging equipment varies depending on the type of machine, its capabilities, and the manufacturer. Generally, prices can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic machine to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a high-capacity, fully automated system.

Packaging equipment can vary greatly in terms of ease of operation. Some machines are designed to be very user-friendly and require minimal training, while others are more complex and require specialized knowledge to operate. It is important to carefully consider the needs of your business and the experience level of your staff when selecting a packaging machine.
We offer a variety of flexible packaging machines, including vertical form fill seal machines, horizontal form fill seal machines, and pre-made pouch filling machines.
Semi-automatic packaging systems require some manual intervention to operate, such as loading the product or starting the machine. Fully automatic packaging systems, on the other hand, are designed to operate without any manual intervention once they are set up and running. They are typically more expensive than semi-automatic systems but can offer greater efficiency and productivity in the long run.

The answer to this question depends on the specific packaging machine in question. Some machines are designed to handle a wide range of bag styles, sizes, and products, while others are more limited in their capabilities. It is important to carefully consider the needs of your business and the types of products that you will be packaging when selecting a machine. Additionally, you may want to consult with a packaging machine specialist to discuss your specific requirements and determine the best machine for your needs.

Rollstock film is a continuous roll of film that is used to create packaging on-demand. It is typically used in vertical form fill seal machines and horizontal form fill seal machines. Premade bags, on the other hand, are bags that are already formed and ready for filling. These bags are typically used in pre-made pouch filling machines.
Packaging machine fillers/dosers are used to accurately measure and dispense product into packaging. They are essential components of many packaging machines, and are used to ensure that the correct amount of product is dispensed into each package. Whether or not you need a filler/doser will depend on the type of product that you are packaging and the requirements of your packaging machine.
Packaging equipment can run at various speeds depending on the type of machine and its capabilities. Some machines may run at a speed of 20-30 bags per minute, while others can run at speeds of 60-80 bags per minute or more. It is important to carefully consider your production needs and the speed of the machine when selecting a packaging machine.

Determining whether your production needs are high enough to make packaging automation worth it can be a complex process. Factors to consider include the volume of products that you are packaging, the speed at which you need to package them, and the level of consistency and accuracy that is required. In general, if you are currently using manual packaging methods and are experiencing inefficiencies, errors, or quality control issues, it may be worth considering automated packaging machinery. Additionally, if you are experiencing a significant increase in demand for your products or are looking to scale your business, automated packaging machinery may be a good investment. It is important to carefully evaluate your specific needs and requirements in order to determine whether automated packaging machinery is right for your business.

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To ensure that the packing machine we recommend is ideal for your needs, we typically conduct initial conversations that involve asking a series of questions. Get ahead of the game! Download our free list of discovery questions to begin planning for successful packaging automation.


Thinking about contacting a packaging machine manufacturer for pricing? Make sure you’ve gathered all the necessary information before you start. Read about the 5 most crucial pieces of data we need to provide the most precise pricing as part of your equipment proposal.


How do you get your facility ready for new packaging equipment? It may require more effort than you think. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a simple list of items to prioritize when preparing for new machinery.


Calculating machine return on investment can involve some effort, but it’s essential for determining if packaging automation is a worthwhile investment for your business. Let our free calculator do the work for you.

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