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An automatic flour packaging machine is an essential piece of equipment for food manufacturers that package flour and other powdery substances. These machines offer high-precision filling, dust control, moisture, and contaminant protection, adjustable packaging format, and automated packaging capability for higher productivity and quality output.
Lintyco flour packaging solutions are trusted by leading millers worldwide to maximize output while preserving product quality.
Preserving flour freshness and purity requires minimizing oxidation and moisture re-absorption. Our hypoallergenic designs promote product shelf-life through inert nitrogen flushing and sealed enclosures.
Different flour varieties and specifications may require different settings of packaging machine parameters, such as the electronic scale of the packaging machine and filling speed. Variable dosing technology precisely matches filling weight to multiple micron-grade flour SKUs.Adjustments need to be made according to the nature and characteristics of the flour.


Machine chioce

premade pouch Packing machine

Premade Pouch Flour Packaging Machine

Lintyco pre-made bag packaging machine advantage is more effective in preventing the intrusion of contamination and harmful gases, as the packaging material can better seal the flour, thus better protecting the quality of the flour. Up to 60 bags/min .In addition, pre-made bag packaging machines are also ideal for handling small batches, as it is more flexible and convenient to switch the packaging format by simply changing the bag. If you have concerns regarding dust, we highly recommend considering this machine.

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Flour Fill&Seal Packing Machine

The VFFS machine is a fast and efficient powder packaging machine, ideal for packaging flour. Automatic flour packaging machine can quickly pack flour into plastic bags and seal them to extend the shelf life of the flour and prevent contamination. In additional,Machine is particularly suitable for handling large production volumes and is able to complete efficient packaging jobs in a short time.

Ultimate FAQ Guide

Flour packing machines can handle most types of flour including bread flour, all-purpose flour, cake flour, whole wheat flour, maizi flour etc.

Food packing system is an automated system that fills flour into bags and then seals the bags. It contains a filling hopper, weighing mechanism, bag handling system and sealing unit.

The key features of a flour packing machine include adjustable filling capacity, precise weighing systems, automatic bag handling, sealing mechanisms, and user-friendly controls.


  • Hopper – Stores bulk flour and feeds it uniformly into weighing system.

  • Weighing System – Typically a gravimetric weighing bridge which dispenses accurate flour weights.

  • Filling Nozzle – Transports weighed flour into packaging at high speeds while isolating it from ambient air.

  • Bag Forming & Sealing – Forms bags/pouches from roll stock and hermetically seals filled flour packages.

  • PLC Controller – Coordinates precise movement and timing of all components for automated operation.

Working Mechanism:

  1. Empty bags are fetched one by one from roll stock and formed into shape.

  2. Flour is continuously fed from hopper onto weighing bridge which dispenses preset weights.

  3. Filling nozzle quickly transfers weighed flour into the open bag waiting below.

  4. Bag is impulsion sealed above flour level to maintain freshness and quality.

  5. Filled and sealed bag is released onto conveyor and transported for further processing.

  6. Process is repeated at speeds of 50-150 bags per minute depending on machine model.

powder filler

Flour packing machines are equipped with precise weighing systems that ensure accurate measurement of flour to achieve consistent packaging results.

Yes, machines can handle different bag sizes from 1kg to 50kg. They can also accommodate various packaging styles like valve bags, printed bags and woven bags.

Yes, Most machines have dust-proof designs with features like filters, dust extractors and enclosed components to handle flour particles effectively.

Yes, flour packing machines can be integrated with other equipment, such as flour mills, conveyors, or labeling machines, to create a complete automated flour packaging line.

Yes, flour packing machines are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy-to-follow instructions. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and servicing, is necessary to ensure optimal performance.

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Yes, advanced flour packing machines often include systems for weight detection and quality control, which can automatically reject bags with incorrect weight or detect contaminants.

Yes, flour packing machines are versatile and can handle different packaging materials based on specific requirements, including paper bags, plastic pouches, laminated films, or woven sacks.

Yes, advanced flour packing machines often include systems for weight detection and quality control, which can automatically reject bags with incorrect weight or detect contaminants.

Yes,Lintyco typically provide training and support for operating a flour packing machine, ensuring that operators are familiar with its features, controls, and maintenance procedures.

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