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Food Packaging Machine For chicken/shisha/readymeal

In fact, over 80% of lintyco’s materials are food. This is why we have unique experience with speciality ingredients including Chocolate, Bread, Ready Meal , Laundry Pods , Pickle, cheese slice, cheese block,shredded cheese and IQF. Lintyco experts are able to achieve the most suitable solution to reduce waste and machine maintenance costs for our customers without affecting the schedule.
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doypack machinery

Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Lintyco Premade pouch packaging machinery can package the majority of products at high speeds.(Up to 80 Bags/Min) Selecting premade bags that are suitable enhances both the visual appeal and convenience for end users.

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Fill&Seal Machine

Lintyco Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine is a very wide range of machines, which can handle packaging in most industries, with a lower price and a fast speed(Up to 60 Bags/Min)



chicken, roast, dinner




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