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FACial MASK packaging Machine

Facial Mask packaging machines are specially designed for packaging facial masks for commercial or industrial use. Normalily automatically fill, seal and package individual face masks in the desired volume and format.

Automatic Facial  Packing Machines are available in a variety of models and can be programmed to handle a variety of materials such as pouches, sachets and jars. Once the packaging material is filled with mask products, the machine automatically seals, creating a vacuum-sealed environment that maintains the quality and freshness of the mask.A beneficial investment for manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetic products can be found in our PACKAGING MACHINE ROI CALCULATOR

The Three important points to keep in mind when packaging a mask to ensure the quality of the packaging and to ensure that the mask product remains fresh and protected during shipping and storage.

1. Make sure the packaging material is safe for cosmetic use. It should be made from FDA approved materials that are non-toxic and free from contaminants.

2. Refer to our maintenance manual for regular packaging machine cleaning and proper maintenance to avoid possible contamination.

3. A coding machine is a must Put key information on the package such as ingredients, directions for use and expiration date.

Sample Bag

Machine Choice

cosmetic facial mask making bag form packing machine

Cosmetic Facial Mask Making Bag Form Packing Machine

1.200-220 bag/min. 200 bag/min is stable.
2.20-25 servo system.
3.visual inspection system for option
4.special for Cosmetica facial mask sheet making, 4 sides seal bag forming, essence filling Facial mask shape and bag shape can be customize made
5.machine covered SS304/aluminium sheet and adopt high quality electronic components.
6.we provide layout arrangement drawing service and OEM service.
7.warranty period 1 year.
8.delivery time 90 days.

Detail of Machine

Ultimate FAQ Guide

 A facial mask packaging machine is a machine used to automatically package facial masks into individual packaging units.

Key features include: automatic feeding and positioning of masks, sealing and packaging the masks hygienically, accommodating different mask sizes and shapes, different packaging materials and closure types, etc.

Yes, a good facial mask packaging machine should be able to handle most types of facial masks like sheet masks, gel masks, clay masks, etc.

It ensures hygienic packaging through sterilized parts, UV light disinfection, air filtration system, etc. Proper sealing and minimal human contact with the masks also help.

Common packaging materials include plastic films like PE, PP, PET, paper, foil, etc. The machine should handle most of these materials.

Yes, a versatile facial mask packaging machine should be able to accommodate different mask sizes, thicknesses and shapes. Adjustable sealing jaws and fixture plates help achieve this.

Yes, popular closure types like ziplock seals, heat seals, cold seals should be supported. Sealing jaws of different shapes like straight, curved, contour, etc. help handle different closure types.

 Lintyco facial mask packaging machines would comply with standards like CE, UL and cosmetic cGMP. Some may also comply with FDA standards for medical devices.

Advanced facial mask packaging machines can be integrated with inspection systems to detect and reject inadequate sealing or contaminated packages. Leak and peel tests can also be performed.

Regular maintenance like cleaning sealing jaws, changing filter bags, lubricating moving parts. Sterilization using UV light or disinfectants may also be required.

Automated feeding systems like pick-and-place robots, suction cup manipulators or linear/rotary indexing tables can be used for automated mask feeding and positioning.

Packaging speed can range from 20-200 packs/min depending on the machine and mask complexity. 200 bag/min is stable.

 Yes, batch/date coders can be easily integrated with most facial mask packaging machines. Inkjet, laser or label printers are commonly used.

 Yes, most machines allow different label sizes, positions and branding prints to be integrated within the packaging design.

 Special mask shapes and designs may require some customization of toolings like dedicated fixtures, sealing jaws, etc. to properly handle and package them. So some additional costs may be involved.

 Yes, most facial mask packaging machines can handle different formats like sachets, boxes, trays, etc. Minor tooling adjustments may be required.


Advanced facial mask packaging machines with enhanced control systems can adjust fill quantity, sealing widths, etc. based on mask size and other parameters.

 facial mask packaging machines come with built-in control systems that can provide reports on operating efficiency, productivity, downtime, etc. Some model even have remote monitoring ability.

 Lintyco facial mask packaging machines offer specialized options for natural and organic products like higher sanitary standards, ability to handle more delicate materials, etc. Dedicated machines for organic products is also be available.

Unique mask openings and shapes would require customized tooling like dedicated sealing jaws, fixtures, etc. to properly seal and package them. Additional costs may be involved to develop these customized toolings.

As long as the mask scents do not interfere with the mechanical packaging process and components, most fragrances should be handled okay. Stronger scents may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance to avoid build-up.

Dual-compartment masks, two-step masks and other unique designs would require some customized tooling and sealing methods to properly package them. This is possible for most model machines but additional costs are likely to be incurred.

As long as the masks can maintain proper position and sealing in the machine, different adherence levels should be accommodated. Strongly adhesive masks may require more frequent cleaning and non-stick coatings to avoid build-up and clogging.

Folding and unfolding mechanisms can be accommodated as long as the masks can maintain correct positioning and sealing in the packaging machine. Custom tooling may be required for more complex folding masks.

Foil packaging, desiccants and other specialized requirements would require certain customization of the machine like foil reels/sheets support, desiccant feeding systems, etc. This is possible with most model machines but may incur additional costs.

Adjustable components like sealing jaws, heating elements, conveyor speeds, etc. allow most facial mask packaging machines to handle masks of different thicknesses and absorbencies.

As long as the packaging materials can be properly sealed and fed in the machine, most types should be accommodated including recyclable and eco-friendly materials.


Different sizes can be accommodated by most machines through adjustments to components like sealing widths, heating elements, conveyor speeds, etc. Minor tooling changes may sometimes be needed for very large or small sizes.

Facial mask packaging machines can be customized to meet specific standards and requirements. Additional costs may apply depending on the complexity of customization.

Lintyco provide 12months warranty and continued after-sales service. Service contracts are also often available.

Special treatment masks can be accommodated as long as they do not interfere with the mechanical packaging process. Strong heating or cooling masks may require certain safety precautions and ventilation.

Different mask application methods would require the appropriate sealing and barrier properties to suit how the mask needs to be applied and used. Strong seal integrity is important for peel-off masks.


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