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Before you read our privacy policy, I want you to know that we will not sell, lease, or voluntarily disclose any of your personal information to third parties without your permission.

The only reason we collect information is to provide better service to our users.

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy, and if you would like to know our privacy policy, please read the following ——

What we collect:

The content we collect is related to how you navigate our site. In addition to the information you provide, we collect and store the following anonymous information about you:

  •  The time of your visit
  •  The page you are visiting
  •  The IP(Internet Protocol) address

We don’t use Web Browser Cookies to gather information.

We keep this information indefinitely so that we can use it when we need it, and if you just visit our website, then all the information will only be collected in a statistical way, this means that it is not specifically identified and is completely anonymous to the individual.

When you volunteer information to us, we flag individuals based on name, email, address, company, and so on, and store them indefinitely in our database, so that we can better communicate with you and send the information or products you need to you, we only use this information to respond to your needs, will not be leaked to other third-party companies.

But we can’t control the inevitable flow of information to third parties, such as email service providers, online and offline financial institutions, chat software, search engines, and so on, please refer to the appropriate company privacy policy for the protection of this information. In addition, we will provide information to the extent required by law in the event of a court summons or a government order for information to be provided in accordance with certain legal requirements.

Information Security:

Our website is hosted on our servers and is not known to any third party. even within the company, and only individual authorized technical personnel have access to the full database, we have established specific positions and well-established systems for dealing with privacy and data security, including active and passive risk management while considering solutions for internal and external network, physical and software security issues. To ensure that our users have access to our website, we monitor traffic to identify any acts aimed at disrupting or stealing our services that could lead to criminal prosecution.

Your Privilege:

You have all power over your information, and in any case, you can ask us to process any information about you from the database, including but not limited to deletion, modification, accessibility, and portability requirements. You can also send a “Do Not Track” request along with the message, but if you have previously agreed to use your personal information and changed your mind, then the validity of your prior consent will not be affected. Some of our services will be available only after we have been given permission to process your information.

Outbound links:

In the process of visiting our website, you may jump to other websites (not Domain), our privacy policy is no longer applicable. We encourage you to understand their privacy policy to protect your privacy.

Child Policy:

This site is not targeted at children, and some countries or territories may have stricter child privacy requirements such as COPPA, if this applies to you, then leave the site or have a guardian provide the application, we do not collect any such information.

Finally, please contact us if you think this provision is unreasonable or does not meet your right to protect your data.

This policy may change with the law, the nature and size of the company. If we update the privacy policy in the future, I will notify you by email, announcement, etc.,  the latest content will also be updated on this page for your review. ——Thanks

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