Soy sauce&Vinegar

Soy sauce/vinegar Filling Machine

A soy sauce/vinegar filling machine is a type of food packaging machinery that is specifically designed to fill bottles or sachets, and pouches with various types of condiments, including soy sauce and vinegar.  With capacities ranging from 100ml to 1,000L,  machines use advanced technology to accurately measure the amount of oil being filled into each container, ensuring consistent levels and minimizing waste.  Automatic liquid filling machines can vary in size depending on the needs of the manufacturer, but they all share similar features such as automatic bottle/pouch feeding systems, precision measuring instruments, and sealing the filled bottles/sachet/pouch

Soy sauce and vinegar are perishable food, so the Lintyco packaging machine uses stainless steel material to prevent chemical reactions with it. Of course, we also recommend that your bag material needs to have the certain moisture-proof performance to prevent soy sauce and vinegar from deteriorating due to moisture.



Machine Choice

premade pouch Packing machine


The Lintyco premade pouch packing machine is an ideal automation option for filling and sealing products due to its simplicity and fast turnarounds.Stainless steel material,up to 80 bags/min Specific to soy sauce and vinegar packaging, this machine is efficient and reliable, enabling producers to streamline their vinegar production process and simplifying changeovers.

vertical form fill seal machine


Compared with the Premade Pouch Packaging Machine, the Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine is not the first choice for most people to pack liquids. In the other hand,Lintyco VFFS machines actually do very well at providing low cost, flexible packaging for many fluids, including high and low viscosity liquids. Up to 60 bags/min.

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