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Ready meal packaging Machine

Automatic ready meal packaging machines provide a tailored solution for food manufacturers seeking efficient production of convenient, microwaveable meals and snacks.

Specifically designed to integrate within automated lines, these systems can continuously form, fill, seal and label a wide array of prepared foods. From frozen dinners and instant noodles to snack packs, ready meal machines accommodate varying food package styles like plastic films, trays and boxes.

Compared to manual processes, ready meal packaging machines deliver superior productivity. Their full integration within production workflows eliminates non-value-added tasks, reducing material waste and downtime.

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premade pouch packing machine

Ready Meal Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Pre-made pouch packaging machines can provide excellent protection for the food inside, ensuring that it remains safe and fresh during transportation and storage. This packaging is also great for the environment as it requires less packaging materials than traditional packaging methods, making it a sustainable solution.Up to 60bags/min

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Fill&Seal Machine

While VFFS can be used as a meal packaging solution for premade food, it may not be the ideal method. Ready meals, particularly those with larger sized pieces, can be difficult to pack using a VFFS machine. The pouch may not be able to accommodate larger sized items, which may result in poor packaging quality, and may not offer the same level of airtightness compared to pre-made pouches.

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