4 Side Seal Bag Packing Machine

4 side seal bag

  • Seal all sides for flat, rectangular shape
  • Varied closures (zippers, tear notches, resealable)
  • Allow greater space for branding
  • Safeguard contents from moisture, air and contaminants
  • Constructed from various materials like laminates, foils and polymers
  • Popular in food industry due to convenience, durability and protection

4 Side Seal Bag Packing Machine Choice

As specialists in packaging machine manufacturing,we are confident in our ability to determine the optimal packaging solution for your needs. If you select stand up pouches, we would suggest the following machinery for packaging:

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Fill&Seal Packaging Machine

Suitable for Granules,Powder,Liquid and Special material). Film width:420-730mm Capacity:45-60bag/min . Bag size:W(90-350mm) L(20-450mm)

doypack machinery

Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Suitable for Granules,Powder,liquid and Special Material. Filling vollum:30-2500g Capacity:25-60 bag/min Big size:W(80-300mm ) L(100-400mm)


Pillow Form Fill&Seal Packaging Machine

Suitable for any food,commodity,Medical&Healthy industry. Capacity:30-290per/min. Packing Range:(60-400mm) W(35-100mm). Max width of film:300mm

horizontal form fill seal machine

Horizontal Form Fill&Seal 4 Side Seal Packaging machine

Suitable for food,non-food industry and pharmaceuticals.Capacity:80-120 per/min .Packing Range:L(100-280mm),W(85-160mm) Max width of film:400mm

Bag Description

Four-side seal bag is a form of packaging employed to store and transport many kinds of goods such as snacks, powders and liquids. It is constructed by sealing the bag on all four sides, resulting in a rectangular shape that is flat and easy to manage. The bag is usually made of a pliable material such as plastic or foil, and can incorporate various closures like zippers, tear notches, and resealable alternatives. 


Pearl white&tranparent ,Foil Aluminum&Tranparent ,Colorful Foil Aluminum and Kraft paper

4-side seal bags are versatile and can be made from a variety of materials, including laminates, foils, and polymers.

4 side seal bags are suitable for packaging various products such as food, parts, powders, liquids, especially for products that require complete sealing, such as coffee, health products, hardware, etc. It can effectively prevent oxygen, moisture and contaminants from entering, and extend the shelf life of products.

4 side seal bag specifications can be customized, common ones are: 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, etc. Materials can also be selected from PE, PP, PET, aluminum foil, etc. Size, thickness, color, printing, etc. can also be customized according to customer requirements. So 4 side seal bags have high flexibility and can meet the needs of different customers.

• Four side seal bags take up minimal space, ideal for compact storage needs. 
• Their space-efficient design suits four side seal bags to small goods wanting condensed storage. 
• Compared to other options, four side seal bags require little room, fitting for products necessitating tight storage.

• 4 side seal bags: sealed all sides, more print area, complex equipment 
• 3 side seal bags: sealed 3 sides, less print area, simple equipment
• 4 side seal bags allow bigger customization, need specialized machinery 
• 3 side seal bags limit customization but work with basic equipment 

LIntyco packing machine

High-quality Guarantee

We strictly control the quality of every process from raw materials to finished products, use GMI color management system for printing to ensure color consistency.

Our plant has been certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO22000:2018, BRC, BSCI, and GMI to ensure high quality and food safety

To guarantee high quality and food safety, the below items are strictly tested in the in-house laboratory:

  • Thickness Detection
  • Pressure&drop Detction
  • Film Impact Detection
  • Retort Detection
  • Pendulum Impact Detection
  • Transparency Detection
  • Whiteness Detection
  • Seal Detection
  • Production Aging Detection
  • Color Difference
  • Health Performance Detection
  • Solvent Residue Detection
  • OTR&WVTR Detection
  • Peel Strength Detection
  • Seal Strength Detection
  • COF Detection
  • Microbial Detection

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