Pillow Pouch Packaging Machine

Pillow Pouch

  • Simple to produce
  • Reliable sealing helps extend the product shelf life.
  • Unique pillow shape provides eye-catching brand display space.
  • Convenient and easy-to-open design
  • Customizable packaging forms
  • Lower production cost

Pillow Bag Packaging Machine Choice

As experts in packaging machine manufacturing, we are confident in our ability to find the perfect packaging solution for your needs. If you go for stand-up pouches, we suggest using this machinery for packaging:

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Fill&Seal Packaging Machine

Suitable for Granules,Powder,Liquid and Special material). Film width:420-730mm Capacity:45-60bag/min . Bag size:W(90-350mm) L(20-450mm)

doypack machinery

Premade Pillow Pouch Packaging Machine

Suitable for Granules,Powder,liquid and Special Material. Filling vollum:30-2500g Capacity:25-60 bag/min Big size:W(80-300mm ) L(100-400mm)


Pillow Pouch Form Fill&Seal Packaging Machine

Suitable for any food,commodity,Medical&Healthy industry. Capacity:30-290per/min. Packing Range:(60-400mm) W(35-100mm). Max width of film:300mm

horizontal form fill seal machine

Horizontal Form Fill&Seal Packaging machine

Suitable for food,non-food industry and pharmaceuticals.Capacity:80-120 per/min .Packing Range:L(100-280mm),W(85-160mm) Max width of film:400mm


Pillow Bags are soft, rectangular packaging bags for pillows. It is usually made of flexible plastic materials like polyethene or polypropylene, which can be easily shaped into different shapes and sizes. You can use Pillow Bags to package a variety of products, like snacks, candies, or bakery goods.

Custom options

custom options for pillow bag


A Pillow Bag is a soft packaging bag with a rectangular shape like a pillow, hence the name. It is usually made of flexible plastic materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene, which can be easily formed into different shapes and sizes. Pillow Bags can be used to package a variety of products, especially food products such as snacks, candies or bakery goods.

Pillow Bags have a pillow-like shape that provides a larger print area and stronger brand display space compared to regular plastic bags. Pillow Bags are great for keeping your products fresh and sealed. However, Pillow Bags’ materials and production costs are higher.  

Pillow Bags are perfect for food products like candy, snacks, cookies, and bakery goods. Their unique packaging shape and large print area make them perfect for product displays and sales. Pillow Bags are often used to package non-food products like toys, clothing, etc. 

When choosing high-quality Pillow Bags, consider factors such as food-grade material, thickness, sealing, zipper or self-seal strip quality, resealability, high-resolution printing, and size accuracy. Choosing a packaging bag manufacturer with extensive production experience is also very important.

Puffy bags or pillow bags have been a go-to packaging for snacks, confectionery, and pet food for ages. These bags are super customizable, convenient, and affordable. They can also be easily adapted to fit different product types and packaging needs.

Puffy bags or pillow bags have been a popular packaging option for a range of products including snacks, confectionery, and pet food for quite some time. These bags provide a lot of flexibility in terms of customizability, convenience, and affordability. Additionally, they can be easily adapted to fit different product types and packaging requirements

• 4 side seal bags: sealed all sides, more print area, complex equipment 
• 3 side seal bags: sealed 3 sides, less print area, simple equipment
• 4 side seal bags allow bigger customization, need specialized machinery 
• 3 side seal bags limit customization but work with basic equipment 

Pillow bags come in all sorts of colours and designs to make them more recognizable and visible. They’re made from eco-friendly materials like renewable and biodegradable films, which help reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

1. Lower cost: Pillow bags are usually cheaper to produce than daypack bags, especially for big production runs. This could save manufacturers a lot of money.

2. Efficient use of storage space: Pillow bags are flat when empty, so they take up less space than daypack bags, which have a flat bottom and can take up more shelf space.

3. Easy customization: Pillow bags are pretty easy to customize with product info and branding, since they have flat surfaces for printing. This can make it easier to create custom packaging for smaller runs or test new products.

4. Faster production times: Pillow bags can be made faster than doypack bagsbecause they ‘re simpler and require less time and materials to produce.

However, doypack bags have some advantages over pillowcases, including:

Doypack bags have a flat bottom, which is more stable than pillows. These guys are perfect for products that need to be positioned upright and have their branding clearly displayed.

Higher perceived value: Doypack bags are seen as more premium and high-end compared to pillow bags, due to their unique shape and ability to stand upright. This makes them a better fit for products that need to emphasize quality and brand image.

LIntyco packing machine

High-quality Guarantee

We strictly control the quality of every process from raw materials to finished products, use GMI color management system for printing to ensure color consistency.

Our plant has been certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO22000:2018, BRC, BSCI, and GMI to ensure high quality and food safety

To guarantee high quality and food safety, the below items are strictly tested in the in-house laboratory:

  • Thickness Detection
  • Pressure&drop Detction
  • Film Impact Detection
  • Retort Detection
  • Pendulum Impact Detection
  • Transparency Detection
  • Whiteness Detection
  • Seal Detection
  • Production Aging Detection
  • Color Difference
  • Health Performance Detection
  • Solvent Residue Detection
  • OTR&WVTR Detection
  • Peel Strength Detection
  • Seal Strength Detection
  • COF Detection
  • Microbial Detection

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