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Automatic sugar packaging machine is a device used to package sugar into various forms such as sachets, stick packs, or pouches. It is an essential tool in the sugar processing industry.

Machines may date code or print product information onto packs. Fully automatic packers integrate weighing, filling and sealing functions and operate at much higher throughput speeds than manual or semi-automatic equipme   nt. They play an integral role in efficient sugar processing and distribution to meet global supply demands.

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Sugar Packaging Machine Choice

premade pouch packing machine

Rotating Premade Pouch Sugar Packaging Machine

Our Premade Pouch Packaging Machine covers SS304 and adopts German/Japanese electronic components.Package up to 80 Bags/Min. We provide layout drawing service ,OEM service and decent delivery time.

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Sugar Fill&Seal Packing Machine

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine, as a classic solution for Granule packaging, is also one of the choices. Package Up to 60 Bags/Min,Low price .If you have no special requirements for the appearance of the product packaging, then it is a good Choice.

Ultimate FAQ Guide

A sugar packing machine automatically fills bags with granulated or powdered sugar and then seals the bags. It has a feeding system, weighing system, sealing system and bag handling mechanism.

Key features include: automatic bag feeding, precise electronic weighing system, heat or ultrasonic sealing, easy cleaning, custom bag sizes, etc.

Yes, most sugar packing machines can handle both granulated and powdered sugar with adjustable filling speeds and sealing systems. Powdered sugar may require additional dust control features.

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Yes, most machines offer adjustable bag sizes, filling amounts, sealing systems to suit different packaging needs. Some allow on-site customization.

 Electronic weight cells or load cells are commonly used. Volumetric filling is also popular for powdered sugar.

Most machines can achieve an accuracy of ±1% to ±5% of the target fill amount depending on the weighing and filling mechanisms. Higher precision versions are also available.

Emergency stops, guarding, dust control systems, overload protection, etc. Some have certifications like CE or UL.

Heat sealing uses heated jaws to melt bag materials. Ultrasonic sealing uses high-frequency vibrations. Glue or taping sealing is also used. Most offer adjustable sealing times and temperatures.

Yes, most machines can be integrated with other equipment like labelers, coders, etc. Some machines already have additional functions built-in. Customization for eco-friendly bags is also possible.

 Yes, most machines feature smooth surfaces, easy-to-disassemble parts and dedicated cleaning modes for efficient cleaning and maintenance.

Single or three phase power supply. Typically 200 to 500V and up to 25 to 100A depending on the machine size.

CE, UL, ISO, etc. Certification depends on the target market and product.

Installation of a pre-built machine typically only takes a few hours to a couple of days. Customized solutions may take a few weeks to install and commission.

Lintyco offer installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales support for their sugar packing machines. Support includes troubleshooting, spare parts, on-site servicing, etc.

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