Medical test kit

Medical test kit packaging Machine

The medical test product packaging machine is a multifunctional machine that can automatically complete the work from feeding, labeling, packaging to sealing, and can take on many packaging needs. We accept customization up to 150 packs a minute according to different forms, bag sizes and shapes of customers

For high-demand medical test products such as condoms and test strips, medical test product packaging machines are of great importance to meet hygiene standards and ensure the hygienic safety of the packaging process.


Machine Choice


Horizontal Form Fill&Seal Machine For Face Mask

The advantage of using HFFS packaging machines is that they can efficiently package masks while still maintaining the quality and closure of the masks.Sold over 100 units during the COVID period Some additional adjustments can be made to ensure the quality of filling and sealing of the masks, depending on the particular material and shape of the masks. In general, special molds and perforators are required to coordinate the size and shape of the masks


Medical Kit Flow Wrapper Machine

Automatic flow wrappers are used to package different sizes of pharmacy products with robot arm . A pillow bag with a zipper is available, and up to 200per/min

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