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In 2012,  Lintyco engineer team updated the fully automatic packaging machine specifically for the packaging of foodstuffs.

Since then, we have continued to perfect our technologies and, as the industry leader in this area, we offer efficient complete solutions for packaging systems. Always perfectly adapted to each customer’s individual packaging process.

Thanks to our full-service concept, we also provide optimal after-sales support. Optimization, predictive maintenance, overhauls – this is why our customers no longer have to worry. With tailor-made service contracts and digital packaging machine monitoring. Benefit from individual solutions from a single source as well as competent partners on site.

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We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy packaging solution you are looking for.

Excellent appearance, portable opening, and user-friendly sealing method make it the first choice of consumers. 

Low price , high quality and capacity auto packaging machine

 Automatic high-speed package , run with low noise, make comfortable environment.the sealing is more reliable and artistic.

Lintyco produce BG850 Full Servo system 200-220 bag/mincosmetic facial mask sheet making 4 sides seal pouch forming essence liquid filling packing machine line.

Say goodbye to long lead times and hello to fast, reliable packaging with our top-of-the-line machines.

Have you met Common problems with other packaging equipment manufacturing companies ?

our service

Customer service

Lintyco provides excellent customer service for our customers, including design services,consulting services,equipment qualification , etc.

Training service

Lintyco provides training services for our customers to ensure that new or existing equipment is kept in optimal working condition and ensures a long life cycle.

Technical supports

Lintyco has a team of experienced engineers to provide free technical services when needed.

Maintaince services

Lintyco offers a portfolio of excellent after sales services, tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Industry analysis

Through in-depth analysis and understanding of various industries and markets, to provide customers with timely industry information and development trend analysis.


Regular visits to customer sites to listen to the use of experience and feedback, and continuous improvement of services and products.

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Machines may be automated, but our service is hands-on. We support you at every step. 

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