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An automatic cookie packing machine is used to automatically package cookies into pouches or packets. The cookies move down a conveyor line and a machine counts them into groups to fill each pouch. The filling station empties the required number of cookies into an empty pouch. The top of the pouch is sealed with the biscuits/cookies inside, making it heat-sealed.
Some packers even add extra features such as putting a printed film around the biscuits/cookies before sealing the pouch or inserting a coupon or small toy as a promotion. These automated packing machines can pack up quickly, up to hundreds of pouches per minute. Using machines helps with cookie handling and keeps the packaging consistent. Our goal is to keep cookies fresh and unbroken from the factory to the consumer. consumer.
Some biscuits/cookies may be irregular or fragile, so we recommend using our special machine to ensure the product’s completion and reduce error rates. Our professional engineers and salespeople specialize in creating product lines. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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Machine Choice

doypack machinery

Rotating Biscuit Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Our Premade Pouch Packaging Machine covers SS304 and adopts German/Japanese electronic components.Package up to 80 Bags/Min. We provide layout drawing service ,OEM service and decent delivery time.

vertical form fill seal machine

Biscuit Vertical Form Fill&Seal Packing Machine

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine, as a classic solution for Granule packaging, is also one of the choices. Easy to operate,Package Up to 60 Bags/Min,Low price .If you have no special requirements for the appearance of the product packaging, then it is a good Choice.


Biscuit Flow Wrapping Machine

Horizontal Flow wrapper, also as a classic solution for cookie packaging, is also one of the choices. Package Up to 290 Bags/Min, the servo Intelligent control,advanced PLC touch screen, run with low noise .If you have high special requirements for the accuracy of the product packaging, then it is a good Choice.

Ultimate FAQ Guide

The fully automatic packaging machine can wrap cookies, pastries, and other rigid food or non-food items.

Maximizing Production Value with Cookie Packing Automation.
Basically, cookie packaging machinery aims to make things run more smoothly and efficiently, which boosts both brand value and profits. profits.
Automated solutions help lower production costs by streamlining packaging tasks. At the same time, we’re improving machine consistency to keep up with the growing demand.
Packaging excellence involves improving protection, appeal, and precision. Our automated processes ensure high-quality presentations that catch the eye of discerning customers on retail shelves.
With machine guidance, our packaging stays on top of its game, reliable and fast, all day. Modern lines utilize digital intelligence to continuously improve and maintain a positive brand image.
By using automation, cookie producers can increase efficiency while maintaining quality. Machines turn efficient packaging into tangible rewards, such as increased market reach and share.
Automated equipment improves cookie packaging by making it more efficient, attractive, and valuable, ultimately increasing profits.
The cookie-wrapping machine has many benefits for standardizing and automating production.
These systems enhance efficiency over the long haul by streamlining operations.
The upfront expenses for automated solutions are quite high at first.
Automation helps reduce labour costs over time. By using standardized packaging, we can enhance the consistency of quality.
Machines can handle packaging tasks with precision, freeing up employees for more skilled roles. Production is running 24/7 without any fatigue or errors. Digital monitoring helps to continuously improve everything.
As an investment, automated systems produce more productivity than their cost. Capital outlays are reduced through constant and rapid operation. Customizable designs fit a brand’s unique packaging needs for specific products.
The cookie packaging machinery operates automatically thanks to an integrated system of specialized subsystems working together.
The highly precise intelligent transmission system moves cookies from production to completion with ease. A control system meticulously tracks each step with precise digital guidance.
This packaging module transforms raw cookies into shelf-friendly products using sealing and labelling techniques. An efficient feeding mechanism ensures that ingredients are supplied at a consistent, controlled rate.
Continuous quality assurance is achieved through an alert system that flags any irregularities for correction. Meanwhile, workers are protected by a comprehensive safety system that oversees extensive safety protocols.
The key to cookie packaging automation is the clever integration of all these different parts. After transmission, individualized systems work together as one highly efficient organism.
Only by working together can machinery truly fulfill its productivity promises. Continuous operation is achieved through the harmonious coordination of specialized parts.
The food packaging machinery’s workflow makes it easy to package everything from start to finish smoothly.
The cookie delivery system operates reliably from start to finish, from production to packaging. The packaging system carefully protects the cookies using custom films, sleeves, or other appropriate materials.
Once we place the cookies, they will undergo testing to ensure they meet the quality standards. During this stage of review, the inspection system thoroughly examines each package.
If any cookies don’t meet the strict specifications, they will be accurately rejected. Automated clearance for fulfilling demands will be given for distribution in the meantime.
The machine’s architecture is designed to handle all transitions, from the initial intake to the final evaluation and sorting. The individual parts work together to keep the packaging line running smoothly.
With seamless internal handoffs, we can consistently get high output. Thanks to the clever interlocking design of stages, the machinery delivers packaging perfection at impressive industrial speeds.
This seamless integration ensures that the entire cookie packaging workflow runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.
Small, manual or lower-speed semi-automatic lines can package up to 200-500 cookies/minute.
Medium-speed automatic lines can go up to 500-1000 cookies/minute.
The top manufacturers have developed high-speed automatic and robotic packaging machines that can produce over 1000 cookies/minute and even reach 1500-2000 cookies/minute speeds.
Additionally, size is also a significant factor.

Feel free to contact the sales team to provide free packaging design drawings!

The cookie packaging machine’s accuracy can be precise, down to the weight and size of each cookie.

To maintain the cookie packaging machine, it’s important to pay attention to daily cleaning, lubrication, and replacing worn parts promptly.

Download your maintence list Here

The commissioning of the cookie packing machine includes proper installation, transmission system adjustment, lubrication system check, electrical system check, etc.
To bring new cookie packaging machinery online, we need to carefully consider key technical aspects. Proper installation lays the foundation for future performance.
We can precisely control movements by carefully adjusting the transmission mechanisms. Meanwhile, we are monitoring lubrication delivery for critical joints and linkages.
To guarantee reliable control signaling, we thoroughly evaluated the electrical and pneumatic interfaces. Monitoring procedures are in place to protect operations.
Production needs to be confident only after verifying these basic elements. Commissioning requires a comprehensive understanding of multiple integrated systems.
Commissioning’s cross-discipline review encompasses everything from mechanical maneuvering to fluid conduction, preparing for excellence. Our accurate setup now prevents problems in the future as volumes increase.
Once the pre-production commissioning is done according to the technical specifications, it lays the foundation for efficient packaging journeys ahead. It ensures that the new arrivals run smoothly and seamlessly as a well-oiled, fully integrated machine.
The cost of cookie packaging machinery can vary significantly based on factors such as…
– Machine type – Semi-automatic, automatic, or robotic machines have varying prices.
– Production capacity – Higher-speed machines capable of packing 1000+ cookies/minute cost more than slower ones.
– Packaging format – Machines are more expensive for complex formats like boxes/cartons than pouches/bags.
– Automation level – Fully automated machines with less manual input are more expensive than semi-automatic versions.
– The integrated options, such as printing, metal detection, and weighing, increase costs.
-Brand/supplier – Established brands generally have higher price tags than lesser-known names.
– Customizing machines to meet unique needs could be more costly.

The lifespan of the food packaging machine is dependent on many factors, such as the quality and maintenance of the machine, which usually lasts between 5-10 years.Lintyco offer 1 years warrant time.

The size and weight of the food packaging machine will depend on the model, production capacity, and other factors. The outcome will depend on the machine’s model and configuration.
Lintyco can provide a free packing line solution for your factory that meets your needs.

Lintyco can hook you up with a free packing line solution for your factory that’s perfect for you.

Here are a few things we can expect in the future of the cookie wholesale market.

-As people become more health -conscious, they’ll want healthier cookie options with less sugar, artificial ingredients, and more whole grains. This is a great opportunity for innovative healthy cookie brands.

– There will be a variety of cookie options, including ones that taste good for certain diets, seasons, and regions.

– Customers will be able to customize cookie flavors, mix-ins, shapes etc. Customers will be drawn to this personalized experience.

– By increasing automation in mass production and packaging, we can reduce costs and allow for smaller batch customization.

– E-commerce sales of cookies will keep growing rapidly due to the increasing global internet penetration.

-Brands like Oreo and Cadbury are expanding globally through strategic acquisitions, partnerships and building local manufacturing.

– It’s expected that some big players will acquire small/regional brands to build market share in new categories/segments and benefit from economies of scale.

– Sustainability focus – Packaging solutions will move towards eco-friendly materials with transparency around sourcing/carbon footprint attracting conscious customers.

The future looks bright for innovators who cater to evolving tastes with variety, customization, healthiness, and sustainability while leveraging automation and e-commerce globally. People want pretty, high-quality cookie packaging, so companies need to come up with advanced packaging solutions. As the industry comes up with new product variations, packaging requirements are getting more and more specific.

With all this in mind, the cookie packaging industry outlook seems really promising. The future of leadership will be defined by intelligent, digitally integrated systems that can adapt to customized packaging needs. Early adopters get an edge over the competition.

Meanwhile, technology is constantly changing and diversifying opportunities. The advanced applications in robotics, Industry 4.0 connectivity, and predictive maintenance are expanding the scope and value of packaging lines. Globalization requires high-quality premiums across the vast international distribution.

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