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High speed shisha packaging machine is a type of machinery used for packaging shisha or hookah tobacco products. Shisha is a flavoured tobacco that is commonly used in a hookah or water pipe. The packaging machine is designed to automatically complete various packaging processes, such as bag forming, filling, and sealing of shisha. The shisha packaging machine can handle different types of packaging materials, such as film, paper-plastic composite materials, and aluminium foil. The machine can also customize the packaging size and shape according to the customer’s requirements. Using a shisha packaging machine can increase efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce labor costs. It is an essential piece of equipment for shisha manufacturers or suppliers who need to package a large number of shisha products.

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Premade Pouch Shisha Packaging Machine

Lintyco premade pouch packaging machine is specially for fine powdered items such as shisha..The pre-made bags can be assembled quickly on the packaging machine for finished products, allowing filling, sealing and coding operations to be done automatically, improving production efficiency and product quality. Filling shisha into bags (Up to 60 Bags/Min)helps maintain the moisture content of shisha and prevents it from being damaged during transportation and storage.

vertical form fill seal machine

Vertical Form Fill&Seal Machine For Shisha

Although it is possible to pack shisha with the VFFS Machine (vertical bag packaging machine), it is also necessary to decide on the right packaging machine according to the characteristics of the shisha. the VFFS Machine is suitable for packing food and non-food products in various shapes of granular, powder, liquid or semi-liquid form, and its automatic processing of bags, metering and filling of products, sealing and cutting through The automated operation improves productivity and packaging quality. However, since shisha is a relatively fine granular object, it may clog during filling into the bag and cause problems such as powder leakage and unsound packaging, thus affecting the shelf life and quality of the product. Therefore, packaging shisha with the VFFS Machine may require pre-testing and adjustments to ensure product quality and sanitation.

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