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Medical wipes packaging Machine

Automatic Medical wipes packaging machine is a machine specifically designed to package medical wipes. Medical wipes are disposable wipes that are used to clean and disinfect items and skin in a medical environment. This packaging machine is designed to allow wipes to be packaged in a sterile environment to prevent contamination prior to use. Medical wipes packaging machines are often equipped with a variety of features such as automatic feeding, sealing and cutting functions and the ability to set different package sizes as needed. These machines are important to ensure the safety, quality and hygiene of medical wipes and help maintain the sanitary conditions of the healthcare environment.

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Horizontal Form Fill&Seal Machine For Medical Wipes

Using a HFFS machine (horizontal form fill and seal machine) to package medical wipes with a 4-side seal or 3-side seal is an ideal packaging solution. This packaging method can be completed in a sterile environment, and the outcome is tight and fresh, which can maintain the hygiene and freshness of the wipes. However, it requires certain skills in machine settings, cutting, and folding of the wipe material to ensure perfect packaging results. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the HFFS machine is also essential for the machine to perform efficiently and stay sanitary.


Wipe Flow Wrapper Machine

Automatic flow wrappers are used to package different sizes of pharmacy products with robot arm . A pillow bag with a zipper is available, and up to 200per/min

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