Bimbo Group Partners with Oobli to Enhance Bakery Products with Sweetened Proteins

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Oobli, the global brand and manufacturer of sweetened proteins, and the Bimbo Group have entered into a formal agreement for a new approach to incorporating sweetened proteins into sweeteners for baked goods.

Oobli The Science Behind Sweetened Proteins

Sweetener Protein is a plant protein that is 5,000 times sweeter than sugar and can replace 70-90% of the sugar in most food and beverage products. Derived from fruits and berries grown near the equator, sweet protein, unlike other sugar substitutes, is harmless to the gut and blood sugar. Sweetened protein is a macromolecular component of our bodies just like any other dietary protein.

Sweet proteins are a long-term, climate-friendly alternative to sucrose production and are an attractive sugar substitute in baked goods, which often require sucrose as a binder.Oobli uses precision fermentation to replicate sweet proteins. They are brewed (similar to beer or cheese) rather than grown, which makes them a sustainable solution. Every 1% reduction in sugar production through fermentation is equivalent to saving 525,000 net acres of land.

We are excited to bring the groundbreaking innovation of Oobli Sweetened Proteins to our delicious baked goods market,” said Constantino Matouk, Vice President of Global Bimbo Investments at Bimbo Group, “Oobli Sweetened Proteins are a perfect fit for the myriad of consumers who are actively seeking to add more protein to their diets. “

Sweet proteins have the potential to revolutionise sweetness and are a new way of thinking about how we can use protein to reinvent food and create healthy sweetness,” said Ali Wing, CEO of Oobli. Bimbo Group and Oobli are committed to bringing the innovation of sweet proteins to Bimbo Group’s industry-leading baked goods without compromising existing flavours. This strategic partnership is an important step in bringing sweet protein to the world as a leading sweet flavour alternative.”

In 2023, Oobli launched Oobli Sweet Iced Tea, the world’s only low-sugar beverage that contains no artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or stevia. The company also recently launched a new range of chocolates made from sweetened proteins.

This is the first time that Bimbo Group has tested sweetened proteins in several baked goods categories at the heart of its brand portfolio.

To date, seven sweet proteins have been found in plants, including thaumatin, mabinlin, pentadin, curculin, brazzein, monellin, and miraculin. Miraculin)

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