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Packaging machines or also called packaging systems represent a technical unit which completely or partially encloses the product (e.g. tablets, liquids, powders, etc.) with a packaging (e.g. blister, bag, carton, etc.). It is important to distinguish between primary and secondary packaging. In primary packaging the product is directly in contact with the primary packaging material (glass, films, etc.). In the pharmaceutical industry, this happens in zone A (according to EU-GMP). The secondary packaging is the outer packaging that is not in direct contact with the packaging products. This can be, for example, transport packaging or a folding box filled with blisters. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is packaged in zone B or C (according to EU-GMP).

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Packaging Machines for Pharmaceutical Products

Appropriate pharmaceutical packaging solutions on your production line safeguard both products and consumers. Our packaging machines facilitate automation and efficiency across all batch sizes.

Our pharmaceutical packaging offerings include:

Liquid Fillers

Our filling machines dispense liquid through nozzles to fill bottles to a preset level, then shut off flow with valves. This ensures accurate fill volumes while the sanitary design prevents product contamination.

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Our capping machines apply and tighten caps securely onto containers. Different models accommodate various container sizes and closure methods. Some cappers can be integrated into existing conveyors.


These machines precisely apply and secure labels to containers using adhesive, heat, and pressure-sensitive mechanisms. Labelers are positioned between cappers and case packers as the final step before shipping.

Puck Systems

Pucking machines support bottles during filling and capping. Depuckers then remove bottles from the pucks to continue down the line. Pucks are ideal for uniquely shaped/sized containers, enabling quicker changeovers.


Unscrambler machines automatically feed bottles at high speeds onto the production line, eliminating manual labor needs. These are the first step in the process.

Cap Handling

Our cap feeders and elevators supply bottles to the unscrambler. Caps are held in a hopper and lifted by the elevator into the unscrambler.


Conveying systems automatically transport bottles through filling, capping, and labeling processes. Conveyors can be configured in L or U shapes.

Custom Automation

Lintyco also builds customized automated equipment for assembly, web handling operations, and more.

The Importance of Hygiene

Safety and hygiene parameters must be respected not only after packaging but throughout the entire packaging process. Valuable support in terms of hygiene and safety comes from using stainless steel packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Stainless steel, as the name suggests, is a material particularly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. The superficial layer, in contact with oxygen, is the first to passivate and form an oxide layer that protects all the underlying layers from corrosion. Additionally, stainless steel is a material characterized by almost zero porosity: no dirt molecules or residues of detergents or solvents can get trapped in its structure, ensuring maximum cleanliness and compliance with hygiene standards.

Benefits of Lintyco Packaging Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical packaging machines from Lintyco help customers:

  1. Improve medication adherence by making medications easily accessible and dispensable.
  2. Protect medication integrity by keeping it preserved and stable.
  3. Reduce the chance of counterfeiting by incorporating tamper-resistance features.
  4. Increase brand identity and recognition.
  5. Maintain pharmaceutical profitability through preserving safe medication.
  6. Comply with evolving regulations through adaptable machine designs.
  7. Enhance production efficiencies and throughput with automated systems.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment in Lintyco

The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges in packaging products due to the stringent requirements and compliance mandates. This necessitates reliable pharmaceutical packaging machines capable of meeting these demanding needs.

Lintyco is a well-known packaging machines manufacturer in China that supplies can / tin packing machines for pharmaceutical products. Whether you are filling liquid, solid, or powder medicines, our company can offer you with your ideal pharmaceutical packing machines at affordable prices.

Our product range includes customizable auger fillers for powders, liquid fillers for free-flowing to highly viscous products, and solid fillers integrated with weighers and measuring cups. We offer versatile, durable packaging machines for sale that can handle all product types. Designed with the latest technologies, they require low maintenance while ensuring accurate fills and highly efficient production lines.

Lintyco’s machines feature user-friendly touchscreen PLC control panels for easier process monitoring. Their tailored design eliminates excess labor costs by suiting your specific operational needs. Contact us now to discuss your customized pharmaceutical packaging machine requirements!

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