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Ruian Wenzhou in china is known as the “City of Machinery.” Since 2000, machinery has been exported from here to foreign countries. Ruian accounts for 24% of China’s total export volume, especially in the machinery and auto parts industries. Other prominent industries in Wenzhou include luggage, lighters, and shoes.

In terms of Google Trends, “RUIAN CHINA” is one of the most searched terms by Americans. The main reasons for this situation are twofold. Firstly, Ruian has gained some international recognition over the past 20 years, although not on a large scale. The well-developed industrial chain here attracts a continuous influx of foreigners. Secondly, Ruian’s level of machinery automation is comparable to various countries. While it may be slightly inferior to Germany and the United States, it is undoubtedly a leader among other countries. Many customers have provided feedback that, compared to several domestic options, the equipment purchased from Ruian offers the best cost-performance ratio.

ruian wenzhou china

During the Hangzhou Asian Games, China welcomes people from all countries to come to Hangzhou and enjoy the wonderful dance performances displayed by people from different nations in the field of athletics. We also extend our invitation to wholesalers and retail customers from all countries to visit our factories during the Asian Games.

If you are flying directly to Wenzhou, there will be no problem. You can fly to Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, as we can arrange for someone to pick you up. If you plan to visit the Asian Games first and then proceed to Ruian for your machinery project, you can follow these instructions.

Taking the high-speed train is the preferred option, with a travel time of two hours, which is more stable compared to flying. First, take either Line 1 or Line 4 of the subway to reach the Train East Station.

Then, enter the station to collect your ticket and board the high-speed train to Ruian Station. Please inform us of your arrival time in advance, and we will arrange to pick you up

On the contrary, if you wish to inspect the machinery project first and then go to Hangzhou, you can follow this route.

We have also included a Hangzhou travel guide for your reference. Please accept our sincere offer and rest assured that we are always at your service.


1.What Makes Ruian Wenzhou Known as the ‘City of Machinery’?

Answer: Ruian Wenzhou, known as the ‘City of Machinery’, stands out for its advanced manufacturing capabilities, especially in machinery and auto parts industries. This city has a significant share in China’s total export volume of machinery due to its well-developed industrial chain and technological advancements.

2.How Does Ruian Wenzhou’s Machinery Industry Compare Globally?

Answer: While Ruian Wenzhou’s level of machinery automation is slightly inferior to countries like Germany and the USA, it is considered a leader among other countries. The machinery from Ruian is recognized for offering the best cost-performance ratio, making it a globally competitive player.

3.How Accessible Is Ruian Wenzhou for International Visitors?

Answer: Ruian Wenzhou is accessible for international visitors, offering convenient transportation options like high-speed trains. The city is well-connected and accommodates visitors interested in exploring its industrial capabilities.

4.What Opportunities Does Ruian Wenzhou Offer to Machinery Buyers?

Answer: Ruian Wenzhou offers opportunities for machinery buyers to access a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective machinery solutions. The city’s focus on continuous innovation in machinery makes it an ideal destination for buyers looking for advanced and reliable machinery.

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