Paper Cup and Paper Lids Making Machine

  • Suitable paper weight:150-350 g/㎡
  • Productivity:70-85 Pcs /Min
  • Paper Cup Size:40ml-16oz(Mould changeable)

High-Speed Plastic Cup Making Machine

high-speed paper cup forming machine comes with two turnplates, an open intermittent indexing cam mechanism and gear transmission, and longitudinal axis structures. The machine comes with a PLC control system,sensorfailure detection, and can stop working automatically if the machine has any problem,it can greatly improve operation safety and reduce labour cost. The machine can finish the process, including paper feeding, side sealing, cup bottom punching & feeding, heating, knurling,cup-top curling, and cup stacker. It is the best choice for making cup and paper lids making machine

Technical Parameter:

paper cup-making machine/ultrasonic paper cup-making machine price fully automatic

4oz/9oz/5oz/12oz full automatic ultrasonic paper cup-making production line

Egypt Hot selling automatic paper cup maker machine

Model Automatic Paper Cup Machine
Paper Cup Size 40ml-16oz(Mould changeable)
Raw Material 150-350g/㎡(One-side or Two-side PE (polyethylene) film coated/laminated paper)
Suitable paper weight 150-350 g/㎡
Productivity 70-85 Pcs /Min
Power Source 220V/380V 50Hz
Total Power 4 KW
Total Weight 1870KG
Package Size(L x W x H) 2100x1230x1970mm(LxWxH)
Working Air Source 0.4-0.5m³/min
Making Double PE-coated paper cups, need to buy an air compressor

Sample cup

Working process

To produce the cups, specially coated paper with one-side or double-side PE lamination is used. Pre-cut paper is fed automatically to a cone mould, and then the two edges are welded by the standard heater or ultrasonic without any glue. And at the same time, the bottom paper roll is die-cut and fed to the cup. Then, the cup bottom is preheated and folded with the bottom paper for heating, knurling, and curling and final step the paper cup is finished and delivered.

Detail of  paper cup forming machine

Clients Feedback

clients Feedback


Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We have 10+ Long Years Of Manfacturing&Trading Combo With Quality
Q2: Can you guarantee your quality?
A: Of course. We are the manufacture factory. More importantly, we put a high value on our reputation. Best quality is our principle all the time. You can be assured of our production completely.
Q3: What should I do if we are not able to operate the machine when we receive it?
A: Operation manual and video demonstration sent along with the machine to give instructions. Besides, we have a professional after-sale group on the customer’s site to solve any problems.
Q4.What are the payment terms and trade terms for new customers?
A: Payment terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, O/A, Western Union etc.

Package &delivery


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