Overcoming Common Challenges in Packaging Equipment Manufacturing: Eurozone vs. Asia, Compliance, & More

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Discover the most common problems encountered with manufacturing equipment and machinery in the packaging industry, and how to overcome them.

flexible Packaging machine
flexible Packaging machine

Expensive European Machinery



Acquiring European machinery can mean higher costs for your packaging company.


However, European machinery can also offer leading-edge technology and better quality.

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With the right manufacturer, you can also get excellent support and technical assistance.

Low-Quality Machines from Asia

Quality Control

When purchasing Asian machinery, quality control can be a major concern. Choose a trusted supplier to avoid costly equipment failure.

Costs & Specifications

However, Asian machinery can offer an excellent price-to-specification ratio if you choose the right equipment.

Global Footprint

Many top Asian manufacturers have a global presence, so regional sales and support can be a significant advantage.

Regulatory Compliance and Technical Support

Compliance Issues

Non-compliance with local regulations can cause compatibility issues which may lead to costly production downtime.

Technical Assistance

Insufficient technical support or lack of access to the latest equipment upgrades can affect packaging production quality.

Manufacturers Solutions

A reliable manufacturer should have expert technical assistance and experienced product support to help you out.

Delivery, Installation and Commissioning

Delivery & Installation

Equipment/machinery delivery and installation can take longer than expected. Plan accordingly to avoid costly delays in your production deadlines.


Commissioning work can be time-consuming and requires experienced technicians who can skillfully troubleshoot and debug the machinery.

Training & Support

Make sure your personnel have the right training to operate the machines and the necessary technical support thereafter

Quality Control and Troubleshooting Guidance

Inspection Procedures

Incomplete quality inspections may lead to minor or serious issues during production. Implement rigorous quality control.

Troubleshooting Instructions

The absence of clear troubleshooting guidance or overly complicated troubleshooting instructions can delay repairs. Opt for precise and easy-to-understand guidance.

Expert Assistance & Training

Have a team of on-call expert assistance and training to troubleshoot complex issues and support machine repair.

Solution(How to overcome)

Standardization of Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes

Standardized manufacturing processes ensure that every product is made with consistent and documented quality, ensuring a smooth production process.

Costs Reduction

Standardization can provide cost reductions through due diligence, improved productivity, and targeted results.

Technical Documentation

Well-documented guidelines, instructions, and checklists are needed to achieve standardized manufacturing processes.

Lintyco Wrapping It All Up

Focus on Quality

To have a lean, efficient, and profitable packaging process, prioritize quality over short-term gains.

Employee Engagement

Engage your employees and remember that sustainable success comes from teamwork and collaboration.

Design Innovation

Innovative packaging design and creative solutions differentiate your brand from the competition.

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