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In the vast world of packaging machinery, finding a reliable manufacturer is crucial. You will find various packaging machines all over the world after searching the question about packaging machines.

Today we will talk about Lintyco, one of the leading manufacturers from China, which has built a strong reputation for its high-quality machines and customer-centric approach. In this comprehensive, we’ll explore why you should trust Lintyco smart manufacturer for your packaging machine needs.

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Understanding Lintyco’s Background and Expertise

Founded in 2008, Lintyco has swiftly risen to prominence in the packaging machine industry. The company specializes in developing a wide range of packaging machines, including vacuum packing machines, flow wrapping machines, and cartooning machines.

Tough Start and Persistent failure

Owen, the founder, left his original company to establish Bensteel Machinery & Equipment Co. because he was dissatisfied with the semi-automated machines in China. At that time, there were few domestic companies doing truly automatic packaging machines, delivery systems, filling systems, speed control systems plus packaging systems.

In the first three months, it had been a failure and could not be adjusted to the best condition. It was not until half a year later that we started to see some improvement and were finally able to come up with our models LTC6, and LTC8.

In fact, the product in the third month can also be sold, but is the smart manufacturer system is a little bit worse, the accuracy is not reached standard, so it is postponed to six months after the official sale. This can be seen in our determination to make good products.

A Focus on Innovation and Quality

Since 2012, Lintyco’s commitment to innovation and quality has set it apart. The company invests heavily in research and development, continually enhancing its machines with the latest technology. Furthermore, Lintyco maintains high-quality standards, ensuring each machine is rigorously tested before it reaches the customer. Customers can receive the manufacturer process video even if not in China.

Lintyco Total Systems Approach to packaging combines machines, materials and service to provide our customers with superior quality products and exceptional service. With the large service organization in the bagging industry, our factory-trained service professionals ensure your operation is running at peak performance.

bengang machinery development process
bengang machinery development process

Lintyco’s Core Strengths and Offerings

State-of-the-art Machines

Lintyco’s portfolio encompasses a broad range of state-of-the-art machines designed to streamline packaging processes. From vacuum packing machines for airtight sealing to efficient flow wrapping machines for high-speed packaging, Lintyco offers solutions for diverse packaging needs.

Customization Capabilities

With a deep understanding that every business’s needs are unique, Lintyco offers customization options and tailoring machines to meet specific requirements.

For example, pickle includes granule and liquid, our experts will offer unique packaging solution to ensure the highest accuracy and fluent packaging process.

Whether it’s adjusting the machine’s speed, capacity, or functionality, Lintyco can create a machine that fits your business perfectly. We are not just only ones to care about your business.

Comprehensive Service

There is one word in lintyco “Machine is Automatic, but our service is one step to one step.”Lintyco’s commitment to its customers extends beyond the sale of the machine. The company provides comprehensive after-sales service, including machine installation, training, maintenance, and repair, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.

Testimonials and Certifications: Proof of Lintyco’s Reliability

Lintyco’s reliability is reflected in the glowing testimonials from its customers. Many praise the company’s high-quality machines, customer service, and technical support. Furthermore, Lintyco holds several industry certifications, affirming its commitment to quality and safety.

Why Trust Lintyco Intelligent Manufacture?

Proven Track Record

Lintyco’s proven track record in providing high-quality machines and excellent customer service makes it a trustworthy choice. Top 5 packaging machine manufacturers, 100+ product applications,200+ completed projects. The company’s long list of satisfied customers is a testament to its reliability.

packaging solution
packaging solution consult

End-to-End Support

The most common question that disturbs customers is installation and maintenance. Thanks to intelligent manufacture and Lintyco’s end-to-end support, they ensure that customers are not left struggling with machine installation or maintenance. Their dedicated team is always ready to assist, providing peace of mind.

Value for Money

Lintyco’s machines, while high-quality and durable, are competitively priced. The company’s focus on efficiency and longevity ensures that you get value for your money. You can get FREE ROI Machine Calculator Here.


Choosing a packaging machine manufacturer is a significant decision. It’s not just about the machines; it’s about the service, the support, and the relationship. Image you grow your business with Lintyco, you will get more than just a machine – you get a partner committed to your success. So, when it comes to packaging machines, trust Lintyco – a leading manufacturer that stands for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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