Interquell: Germany’s top player in the pet food market | Pet food factory

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A pet food production line with a capacity of 10 tons per hour.

A total of 12 raw material silos, each with a capacity of 100 cubic meters, with material discharge facilitated by a triple-screw conveyor.

About Interquell

The company’s business originated from a grain mill established by their ancestors in the mid-18th century and is now managed by the seventh generation. Over the past few decades, progress and development have never been as rapid and swift as they are now.

Pet Food Brands

Happy Dog, with a workforce of 180 employees, operates production on a 6-day, 3-shift schedule. Just like its product name, which originated from a joyful cup of coffee 50 years ago, it is remarkable that this food and brand have maintained their position as leaders in the German market. Today, Happy Dog is exported to over 70 countries worldwide, expanding its reach globally.

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