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LTC250 Card Wrapping Machine
Carbon steel body & Speed Up to 150 bags/min

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Up to 10+ years of efficient use, the card packaging leader is in front of you!


3 servo motor

Efficient and high-speed production for game cards/Pokemon cards /Ultraman cards

Increased Productivity

With a production capacity ranging from 80 to 150 bags per minute

User-Friendly Interface

Easy for operators to set up and control the packaging process. Minimal training is required to operate it effectively.

Killing Features

Lintyco Collation Flow Wrapping system

High-Speed Packaging

The Game Card Wrapping Machine boasts an impressive packaging speed, capable of packaging 150 cards per minute, significantly reducing production time and increasing output.

Precision and Accuracy

It's equipped with advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology to ensure each card is packaged with precision. Say goodbye to errors, damages, or misaligned cards.

Customization Options

Our machine offers flexibility when it comes to packaging. You can easily adjust the settings to accommodate various card sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of game cards, trading cards, and collectibles.

Low Maintenance

Designed for long-lasting performance, our Game Card Packing Machine requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money on repairs and upkeep.

Detail of Card Wrapping Machine

Lintyco Collation Flow Wrapping system

Ready to pack Gamecard right now

Do you dream of a seamless and enchanting way to package your precious Game cards? Look no further than the LintyCo Collation Flow Wrap System, a cutting-edge solution crafted to make your cards packaging experience truly magical.

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