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Learn about the best commercial coffee bagging machines for packaging ground coffee efficiently at high speeds. Compare features, costs and reviews of top-rated automatic and manual bag fillers to find the perfect machine to scale your coffee business.


A coffee bagging machine is an automatic packaging system used to fill and seal bags of pre-ground coffee. It helps to speed up the packing process and ensures consistency in bag weight and fill level. The main benefits of a coffee bagging machine are:

  • Increased productivity: A coffee bagging machine can fill and seal bags much faster than manual labor. This boosts production efficiency.
  • Accuracy: The machine provides precise weight control and consistent bag fill, resulting in less waste and product returns.
  • Safety: Automatic bagging eliminates dangers from handling hot coffee grounds.

The purpose of this article is to compare and review the best coffee bagging machines currently available on the market. I will discuss features, capacity, ease of use, and price to help you determine which machine fits your needs.

When choosing a coffee bagging machine, consider

  • Cost: Price depends on capacity, controls, and features. Determine your budget based on production needs.
  • Capacity: Higher output requires a larger, more expensive machine. Pick one that matches your production volume.
  • Features: Fully automatic machines tend to cost more but provide more consistent results.
  • Ease of use: Some machines have simpler controls and maintenance requirements for convenience.

Top 3 Types of Coffee Bagging Machines

  1. Premade Bag Packing Machine
premade pouch granule packing machine
  • Key features: Fills premade pouches and zipper bags, uses a volumetric filling, easier to use than a form fill seal machines
  • Pros: Affordable, simple design, easy bag changes
  • Cons: Limited to premade bags, less precise fill weight control
  • Price: Starts around $20,000
  1. VFFS Packing Machine (Vertical Form Fill Seal)
1kg Pouch Packing Machine Geb Sunflower Oil Sachet Pac-2
1kg Pouch Packing Machine Geb Sunflower Oil Sachet Pac-2
  • Key features: Creates custom bags from a film roll and then fills and seals, high volume output
  • Pros: Precise fill weight control, versatility with bag sizes and materials
  • Cons: More complex design, higher maintenance needs
  • Price: Starts around $5,000
  1. HFFS Packing Machine (Horizontal Form Fill Seal)
pillow packing machine
  • Key features: Uses a film reel and rotary drum to create bags and fill them horizontally
  • Pros: High output capacities, accurate weight control, uses less floor space
  • Cons: More expensive than VFFS, requires more technical expertise
  • Price: Starts around $30,000


  • Premade pouch packers are affordable but offer less precise fill weight control
  • VFFS machines provide high output, custom bags and precise fills, but at a higher cost
  • HFFS machines have the highest output capabilities and precision but also the highest price tag

Other Considerations

  1. Manual vs automatic:
  • Manual machines require you to load the bags and fill them by hand. They have a sealing mechanism that closes the bags. More affordable but less precise.
  • Automatic machines handle both filling and sealing. They use weighing scales and augers to fill bags automatically. More expensive but provide consistent fill weights.

2. Bag types:

  • Valved bottom bags: Allow gases to escape but require a vacuum sealer to close. Easier to load but more costly.
  • Square bottom bags: Simper design but can trap gases inside. Cheaper option and work well with most bagging machines.

3. Capacity: Measured in pounds per hour. Higher-capacity machines can fill and seal more bags in the same amount of time. They tend to be larger and more expensive.

4. Built-in scales:

  • Some machines have an integrated scale that you can program with the desired bag weight. This ensures very precise and consistent fill weights.
  • Machines without scales rely on timed auger fills, which can vary more between bags.


Q: What Types of Coffee Bagging Machines are Available? A: There are several types of coffee bagging machines, including Premade Bag Packing Machines, Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machines, and Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Machines. Each type caters to different production needs and offers varying levels of automation and speed.

Q: How to Choose the Right Coffee Bagging Machine for Your Business? A: When choosing a coffee bagging machine, consider factors such as cost, which varies based on capacity and features; production capacity; desired features and automation levels; and ease of use, including maintenance and control simplicity.

Q: Can Coffee Bagging Machines be Customized for Different Bag Types? A: Yes, coffee bagging machines can be customized to handle different types of bags, including valved bottom bags, square bottom bags, and various other styles, depending on the specific packaging requirements of the business.

Q: What Should You Consider Regarding Manual vs. Automatic Coffee Bagging Machines? A: Manual machines are more affordable but less precise, requiring manual bag loading and filling. Automatic machines handle both filling and sealing, providing consistent fill weights and higher efficiency but at a higher cost.


Assess your current and future needs to determine which type of machine – manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic – best suits your goals at an affordable cost. Then compare specific models based on features, capacity, ease of use and reviews to find the right coffee bagging machine to accelerate your business.

I hope this article has helped you understand the different options for coffee bagging machines and the important considerations for choosing one that meets your packaging requirements. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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