Top 14 Leading Packaging Machine Manufacturers 2024

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Packaging and wrapping are the keys to making products more attractive to consumers. The visual appeal is undeniable, resonating with our appreciation for beautifully presented items. However, aesthetics are just one part of the equation. Critical factors such as the technology employed and the quality of the packaging products process play a pivotal role.

These considerations drive us to explore the manufacturers shaping the packaging industry. Their role in enhancing the packaging appeal prompts us to delve into the technology and innovation behind the scenes.

Through analysis, we’ve identified the top 12 flexible packaging machine manufacturers that stand out for their use of cutting-edge technology and their broad range of impressive options and tools.

If you work in the food and beverage business, you will understand the importance of investing in a reliable and durable packaging machine that guarantees packaging food for a long time. Plenty of options are available in the canned food packaging machinery to ensure your products are safely packed and delivered to the consumers without getting tampered with.

If you are looking for a trustworthy food packaging machine manufacturer, you are at the right place. Please continue scrolling to check out the list of food packaging machine manufacturers



Established in the early 2000s, Lintyco is an innovative food packaging equipment manufacturer and provider. It produces easy-to-use and pre-made pouch packaging machinery, high-speed continuous motion vertical baggers, filling machines, affordable VFFS baggers, and multi-lane stiff packaging machines.

Lintyco has a packaging solution for everything from cheese, coffee, fresh veggies, raw poultry, and pharmaceutical and dietary supplements. If you switch to their automated packaging machinery, you will reap all the benefits through high ROI.

Key Products/ Services:

  • Packaging Machine Parts
  • Contract Packaging
  • Food & Beverage Packaging
  • Health & Medical Packaging
  • Packaging Machine Support and Maintenance


Fuji Machinery, originating in Japan in 1946, is renowned for its automation and robotics in packaging. With international subsidiaries and a large workforce, Fuji continues to innovate in electronic controls and packaging machinery.

3. Viking Masek

Viking Masek leads the pack with its state-of-the-art packaging machines. It excels in providing high-quality materials and employs automated processes for efficient packaging. Its diverse machinery includes feed conveyors, multi-head weighers, auto bagging machines, and palletizer systems, among others.Its global footprint and innovative options place it at the forefront of the packaging industry.

4. Adelphi Group of Companies

Based in the UK, Adelphi serves diverse sectors, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, with its comprehensive packaging solutions. It operates through multiple divisions, emphasizing eco-friendly practices and offering a wide range of packaging tools.


Swiss-based Tetra Laval operates in food packaging and processing, employing over 35,000 staff across the globe. Its commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability is evident in its wide range of packaging solutions.


The Aetna Group, with its American roots, specializes in semi-automatic and innovative wrapping machines. Its global presence and extensive employee base enable it to serve customers in over 120 countries with cutting-edge packaging solutions.


Krones is a canned food packaging machinery and bottling manufacturer established in Germany. It produces lines for filling beverages in plastic, glass bottles, cans, and all the equipment you need for liquid food. Working in the beverage and liquid food industry, you can rely on Krones to supply durable machines and lines for process, filling, and packaging technology.

It is regarded as one of the best food packaging machine manufacturers as its specialists offer each customer a customized solution for digitalization and intra-logistics.


Berhalter, located in Switzerland, is synonymous with innovative packaging solutions for various sectors. Its focus on sustainable techniques and digitalization through CUTcontrol™ technology exemplifies its forward-thinking approach.


Italy’s Coesia Group, with its 21 companies, showcases exceptional packaging line diversity and efficiency. Its broad sector coverage and skilled workforce underscore its global appeal.

10. Syntegon Technology GmbH

Established in a small town in southwest Germany, Syntegon is a processing and canned food packaging machinery manufacturer and supplier in the pharmaceutical and food industry. With over 160 years of experience in the field and a global presence in nearly 30 locations, Syntegon strives to provide intelligent and sustainable solutions to its customers. If you are looking for tailor-made solutions for your requirements, you can surely turn to Syntegon without a second thought.,

11. IMA Group

Founded in 1961, IMA Group is a leader in the design and production of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food items, and coffee. The food packaging equipment manufacturers provide packing solutions for tobacco, personal and home care, various beverages, tissues, and confectionery.

If you are searching for food packaging machine manufacturers that contribute to improving the quality of life on the planet, reducing food waste, increasing access to effective drugs, and allowing great respect for the environment, IMA is your answer.

12. Sidel

Sidel is one of the three industry groups under Tetra Laval. It provides equipment and service solutions for packing carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, home, isotonic, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, personal care, food products, and various applications. Originally founded in Le Havre by Georges Lesieur, its canned food packaging machinery materials range from PET, cans, glass, plastic, cartons, jars, tins, and pouches.

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